We’re welcoming families to visit their loved ones.

Please call today on 01789 720 247 and we can book you in for a visit.

We have put in place the following guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. They are as follows:

– All visits will need to be arranged in advance by telephone
– Only two people can visit at any one time and they must be from the same household.
– You will be asked to complete a waiver form
– You cannot be symptomatic. There will be a questionnaire that will completed when you arrive, and this will be recorded in your loved ones’ care plan
– You’ll need to consent to having your temperature checked for added safety measures
– All visits will be for up to 45 mins but no longer. This reduces the risk of needing to use the toilet or having to hydrate
– If you are visiting in the garden or the visiting lounge, you will need to wear a mask which we will provide
– We cannot allow visiting by someone wearing a cotton masks or homemade mask.
– You cannot hug or touch the person you are visiting. As hard as this may be, we aren’t there just yet
– You can bring non-perishable gifts. These gifts will be isolated for 72 hours. To avoid upset, you can give the gifts to the team before visiting if you wish. This may prevent any upset for those living with dementia who may not be able to understand the situation fully
– Management do have the right to cancel visiting in the event that the weather conditions are not suitable for outdoor visiting thus not allowing as many people on site to visit at any one time.

Finally, Bill and all his staff would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the last few months.