Dear all,

This letter forms the first in a series of expected updates regarding the activities going on at Quinton House Limited.

It has been a little over two years since the beginning of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Over these past two years, we have lost, cried, and mourned. But we have also gained, cheered, and celebrated. Everyone at Quinton House Limited has been and still is working exceptionally hard for the betterment of its residents, staff, and families.

This letter gives a recap of how the home was being run and what new changes have been made.


Before the coronavirus pandemic, we had a non-uniform policy and a casual outlook to care within a family environment. This was managed in a way that we tried to minimise the amount of medication and maximise the interaction, deflection, and redirection of residents. When news about COVID-19 was spreading in early February 2020, we decided to prepare in case of an outbreak. We purchased new uniforms and shoes for all staff and started the use of PPE, face masks, face shields and full-length body aprons.


When COVID-19 was first announced in March 2020, we had a resident who went into hospital and unfortunately brought Covid back with them causing a COVID-19 outbreak within the home. This resulted in some staff and residents contracting Covid, but thankfully most made a full recovery. The Covid outbreak lasted two and a half months in the home before it was able to be cleared properly. We did not have an outbreak within the home for 14 months until around the time residents had had their first vaccine dose. We managed the situation quite well through the implementation of infection prevention and control measures to reduce the spread of the virus as well as maintain efficiency.


At the beginning of the pandemic, staff had designated areas to change out of their non-uniform clothes into their uniform clothes. Before changing into their uniform clothes, they washed, sanitised, and sterilised themselves to reduce the spread of the virus. Daily and frequent temperature checks, sign-ins, and lateral flow tests (LFTs) were conducted, and PCR tests were conducted once a week. We also implemented a strategy where staff were given quarantine bags to put potentially contaminated clothes in. Staff were also provided more uniforms for every day of work and work-specific shoes.


Visiting arrangements are still by appointment booking because the rate of infection in the UK is still 1:20. We believe this arrangement works to minimise the risk to your loved ones. If there are special occasions etc., exceptions can be made, with agreement of the home manager.


To reclaim a form of normality in the day-to-day nursing home life, our primary goal is to maintain the safety of our residents and staff through our ongoing infection prevention and control measures. Our housekeeping teams are continuing to deliver enhanced cleaning regimes using high-quality decontamination equipment and hygiene products. Visitors are still expected to follow our visitation guidelines which can be found on our website.


We would also like you to know we have on board two new staff to our team. Alysha, our Activities Co-ordinator is coming up with some really fun and exciting activities for our residents to partake in. All this will be documented by Shola, our Marketing Co-ordinator who will be managing our Facebook page and producing our monthly newsletter to keep you in the loop on what is going on at Quinton House Nursing Home and Quinton Gardens.


We would like to thank everybody who has supported us over the past two years. Please be assured that Quinton House Limited seeks to work in partnership with you to minimise the risk of transmission to some of the most vulnerable members of society who are in our care.

Check our website for regular updates and telephone (01789 720 247) us if you have any queries. If you would like to receive our email newsletter, please join our mailing list through our website.